Were you once connected to The Freedom Riders

Missing Freedom Riders....Do you know where these people are?? 

NAMEAny more information?
Geoff Dunn
Alan Lewis
John Phelan
Richard WoodWoody
SmokieSadly died 9th April 2022
Alan Whiles (found)
Pete CoatesBig Pete
Colin Starr (Found)Brothers Pissed
Kevin Starr (Found)Brothers Pissed
Terry Sands
Alan Pierce (Gervaise)
Murray McGill
Lee Moloney
Dick Price
Pete Cornish
LennyMr The Lion
Eddie Zeke
Joyce and Yammie
Geoff and Marie
Don and Laurie (Found)
Roy and Sue
Colin Warren

If you think you are one of those named above contact us

This is the Freedom Riders MCC web site.

The Freedom Riders MCC has long been disbanded, however the camaraderie and humour lives on, hopefully this web site will reunite former members and help keep those still "in the fold" keep in touch.
We have a reunion every year in, of all places, South Devon but that was where the club "went on holiday" each year and over time many members have left west London so the location of the meet up each year really does not matter. Four members actually now live in Devon, others have moved as far away as Canada. 

The site is just a bit of stupid fun really, rather like being in the club was........a bit of stupid fun.

Feel free to also contribute any "views" yourself by e-mailing me.