Pete Thompson's arse

Pete Thompson

NicknamePopeye (real name Pete Thompson)
StatusFull Member
E-mailNothing on file
ResidenceI lived in the heyday of the club in Slough 

I now live in  Addlestone, Surrey
Family    Twice married. Two kids, Charlotte aged 31 and Alfie aged 19. (as at 2019)
Bike I would be remembered for  -
Harley Sportster chop
Favourite bike? Worst bike? Best Bike:     1976 sports glide

Worst Bike     1986 wide glide
What do I ride/drive now? 
A Vauxhall Car!

I have passed a driving assessment with left-foot
accelerate pedal and infra-red secondary wireless hand control.

The reason for the infra-red hand control is my right arm is f**ked up
so I drive with left hand only with a steering ball and infra-red keyboard. See  http://www.lodgesons.co.uk/downloads/downloads.aspx and do the demo!

Now I'm saving the pennies for the pedal and hand control... 10 years to go... lol!!!!
My memories of the clubDevon without a doubt, loadsa rallies even the dragon rallies and the bloody cold
Summary of my life to date
Still making a living fixing stuff at me own garage
enjoying life with the second Mrs Thompson going on runs as much as I can.

Building chops an trikes 'cos I can !!!
My hobbies today areStill bikes, stock cars, an' booze!
At my funeral please arrange to have the following played My Way, Frank Sinatra

Ace of Spades, Motorhead

Chop Suey, System of a Down

The Freedom Riders MCC of Hayes and Ruislip

This is the Freedom Riders MCC web site. The Freedom Riders MCC has long been disbanded, however the camaraderie and humour lives on, hopefully this web site will reunite former members and help keep those still "in the fold" keep in touch.

The site is just a bit of stupid fun really, rather like being in the club was........a bit of stupid fun.

Feel free to also contribute any "views" yourself by e-mailing me.